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In an effort to be more eco-friendly, Heartland Bank now offers eStatements to all online banking customers. By switching to eStatements, rather than paper statements, not only are you helping the environment but your information is more secure - reducing the risk of identity theft! Follow these quick and easy steps to go paperless:

1.  Log into your Heartland online banking account

2. Click on Statements

3.  Manage eStatements, then Edit

4.  Change Delivery Method to Go Paperless

5. Read and agree to the terms/disclosures

6. Click SUBMIT!

It's that easy! Once you have switched to eStatements, you can view, print, and save a .pdf version of your statements up to 24 months prior.


Receiving electronic statements and paying your bills online reduces the amount of private information being passed through the mail and, available for fraudulent activity. Almost 85% of identity theft cases are due to "offline" transactions such as lost check books, stolen bills, statements, and check payments!


 In one year, by switching from paper to electronic billing, statements, and payments, the average American household would...

  • Save 6.6 pounds of paper
  • Avoid producing 171 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions—the equivalent of:
    • The emissions avoided by not driving 169 miles
    • The emissions avoided by not consuming 8.8 gallons of gasoline
    • Planting 2 tree seedlings and allowing them to grow for 10 years
    • Preserving 24 square feet of forestland
  • Avoid releasing 63 gallons of wastewater into the environment
  • Avoid using 4.5 gallons of gasoline to mail paper items
If only 20% of American households switched from paper to electronic bills, statements and payments each year, the collective impact would...
  • Save 150,939,615 pounds of paper
  • Save 1,811,275 trees
  • Avoid producing almost 2 million tons of greenhouse gases
  • Avoid creating over a billion gallons of wastewater during paper production
  • Avoid using over 100 million gallons of gas to mail payments

*Sources: PayItGreen, Javelin Strategy and Research
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