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Investor Relations


President & CEO G. Scott McComb

In a day and age when regulation requires that financial institutions assure the ‘ability to repay’ of its clients, the need and opportunity for community banks is at its greatest. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Heartland BancCorp, the parent company of Heartland Bank.

With the purchase of shares of Croton Bank, Tiney M. McComb formed Heartland BancCorp in 1988. A 33º Mason and former Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Board Member, he focused on shareholder value as well as sound and innovative banking principles that maximized bank profits and growth. This conservative stance has led Heartland Bank to be ranked in 2013 as the 62nd best Community Bank in the country, as  named by American Banker Magazine. Heartland BancCorp has been providing consistent bank profitability* for over 25 years.

Heartland’s focus is on community banking, investments and insurance services for its clients based in central Ohio. The majority of the bank’s business is commercial, advising businesses and their owners on financial matters and capitalization as well as income and balance sheet growth. Along with significant assets in SBA/Government Guaranteed loans, hospitality and non-profit lending, Heartland also banks school districts and municipalities within its footprint. We also enjoy a strong relationship with the communities we serve through a full line of consumer products and services.

Heartland BancCorp and Heartland Bank are positioned well within central Ohio, one of the fastest growing and healthiest economies in the state. At Heartland BancCorp, we believe in a firm commitment to our shareholders by enhancing the value of their investment in our company. You can further your investment in Heartland by continuing, increasing or establishing your banking relationship with us.

By owning a piece of your community bank, you’re investing in the prosperity of your community. Be sure to visit our complete Investor Relations site for even more information about Heartland BancCorp and subscribe to e-mail alerts to stay informed of press releases, news and other important announcements.


G. Scott McComb
Chairman, President & CEO

*Statements made are a reflection of past performance of the bank and holding company and should not be considered a projection of future performance.  Investments involve varying degrees of risk, including possible loss of principal.  Funds held in corporate stock are not considered a deposit of the bank or bank holding company, not guaranteed by the bank or bank holding company and are not insured by the FDIC or any government agency and may lose value.

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