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SMS Texting

SMS Texting

When you replied YES to your mobile banking text message, you also enabled SMS (Short Message Service) texting service. If you do not have a data plan with your mobile device but you have texting, SMS texting offers many of the same services in the browser version of mobile banking.

SMS texting requires each account in Online Banking to have a nickname. When creating nicknames, use only alpha and numeric characters.

Text commands to 469228

SMS texting format = COMMAND(space)<Account Nickname> (Example: BAL Main)

COMMAND = SMS message action identifier




List of all account nicknames & balances
BALANCE <nickname>

BAL <nickname>

B <nickname>

Balance on specified account

DETAILS <nickname>
Details for a specified account includes: Masked account number; nickname; balance; type
STATEMENT <nickname>

HISTORY <nickname>

Last 4 account transactions
XFER <amount> FROM <nickname> TO <nickname> Transfer funds FROM one account TO another account
STOP Disable mobile access
STOP SMS Disable SMS text messages only
HELP Request help
HELP ALL Request list of available actions
HELP BAL Request detailed help for balance inquiry

NOTE: With use of Mobile Banking, standard text messaging rates and other fees apply.
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